Services & Expertise

I have worked on many visual aspects of the UI development process including; style development, wireframes, screen concepts, iconography, animations, sets of assets and textures. I pride myself on my ability to quickly learn new tools and skills needed to accomplish a task. It is this flexibility that has given me the transferable base skills that I bring to new tasks. Although always up for a new challenge, most of my freelance work requires me to specialise in these areas...

Logo Design & Branding

Although I have created logos for projects, studios, and game titles, I frequently create logos and supporting artwork for fictional in-game companies, teams, manufacturers, and brands. 

Having the look and feel of a 'real-world' brand that compliments the tone of the game helps to add both realism and depth to characters and environments.

Graphic Design & Illustration

I have proven experience creating graphical styles and illustrations for the games industry.

I think of these two disciplines as essential to a succesful game experience; graphic design providing a solid style that communicates effectively to the player, and illustration adding supporting tone and character to the visual language.

UI Design and Implementation

UI Design & Implementation

Whether your target platform be console, browser, tablet & mobile, or all of the above, you need an intuitive, user-friendly interface that compliments the tone of the project while helping to unify the game experience.

I can provide wireframes, mock-ups, and UI styleguides to help with the UI development of your project.